AfricaScope, commissioned by the Royal Bafokeng Nation in the North West Province of South Africa, in collaboration with Dynamic Research, contracted Easy Capture to provide handheld PDAs for the conducting of a census of 62 000 structures and a representative household survey of 650 households.

The household survey required testing for HIV infection across all households. The study included the use of barcode scanners on the devices to enable confidentiality of respondents to be maintained. The use of barcode scanners ensured a link between consent forms, questionnaires and HIV tests ensuring that confidentiality was maintained at all times.

The project included training of approximately 100 fieldworkers on how to use the devices (Acer and WindowsMobile), supply and set-up of these devices as well as continuous support and monitoring of operations throughout the project.

Customer Service Agency

Easy Capture collaborated with the Customer Experience Agency (CEA) to develop a system that allowed both the agency and the client to access real-time data via a user-friendly, easily accessible dashboard. CEA merits that “the system was always working and results were available immediately.”

The SAP-run data interface presented functionality that allowed the agency to check data quality before releasing the results to their client. “We received fantastic service and Easy Capture was always willing, able and available to assist. The system yields correct, accurate and immediate results at your fingertips; a paperless system that is highly effective and adaptable.”

Impact Consulting

Easy Capture collaborated with Impact Consulting during a longitudinal impact assessment for a housing charity . Easy Capture mobile survey devices were utilised during the household survey component of this study. The mobile survey was used over three consecutive years and sought to establish whether changes in the quality of living of household members had occurred.

Labour Force Survey / Stats SA

A small pilot project was done for the Labour Force Survey, a national survey conducted by StatsSA. The survey aims to make available national statistics on labour, employment and unemployment in South Africa and surveys are conducted on a quarterly basis.

WOP “-” War on Poverty

The War on Poverty Campaign (WOPC) was commissioned by The Presidency and run by the Department of Agriculture: Western Cape and the Department of Rural Development & Land Reform in South Africa.

The Campaign’s approach was to profile the communities and households to assess which government services individuals within households and communities are eligible for but are not receiving, what specific government interventions are relevant to the needs of the particular household members and the community and communicate to the relevant implementing agents for follow up.

Recruiting 30 fieldworkers, over 2700 households were interviewed using mobile / PDA devices and survey technology provided by Easy Capture. The door-to-door visits to profile households was implemented and managed by STATS SA.

The Presidency “-” Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

The purpose of this survey was to provide DPME with a descriptive snapshot of the status and use of monitoring and evaluation at national and provincial levels. DPME’s aim is to use this survey to improve the relevance of the support and assistance provided to departments on institutionalising M&E.